221 Oak Street Clarksville TN 37042

Rev. Frank Hargrow - Pastor

Our History


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Come Grow With Us.

  • Sunday School 9:30 am
  • Morning Worship 11:00 am
  • Wed Night Prayer 6:30 pm
  • Wed Night Bible Study 7:00 pm

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The Sunday School is one of the largest and oldest of the church auxiliaries. Mrs. Delonia Edwards has been active in organizing and sustaining that body since 1946. Mrs. Birdie Petric and Mrs. Jeanette Anderson served as Superintendents during the 1970s. and Mrs. Jeanette Anderson served as Superintendence and served faithfully until her illness in 1992. Mrs. Bernrtha Jones Manson, Mrs.. Martha Jones Lundy and Mrs. Eurtha Jones were early activists with Sunday School , attending in the 1930s. other activity contributive Sunday School Staff included: Eugene Milan, Virginia Hargrow, Mrs. Regina George and Ms. Janice Edmonds (Teachers). On October 28th, 1956, the Youth Deacons of Springhill celebrated their first Annual Day; Mr. Eugene Milan served as Vice President.




Our DNA:

The History of the Springhill Missionary Baptist Church

The long and illustrious history of the First Colored Baptist Church of New Providence, Montgomery County, Tennessee had humble beginnings. A building sight was selected and the original church was in the eastern section of New Providence. The exact location is lost on obscurity, but it is known that the referred name was the First Colored Baptist Church and property was Lot 221 of the old town division. This land was purchased from Mr. Thomas Nichols for forty five dollars and deeded to the trustees and deacons of the church and school purposes only.

In later years, there was a division within the congregation. One group of the church relocated to the Old Springs Lane (an unnamed thoroughfare) that lead past the spring at the head of the slough which emptied into the Cumberland River at Trice's Landing. There, a frame wood shingled structure was acquired from the white Methodist congregation in March 1878, and the church was referred to as the Second Baptist Church. The deacons and trustees involved in the transaction included Mr. John Pettus, L.S. Whitfield, and P.C. Hambaugh. The Church was renamed Springhill Baptist Church. Electric lights were installed in 1928.

The congregation continued to meet at the Spring Lane location until the autumn of 1934 when Deacon Will Mabry's son Jim, lost control of a trash and fence burning and the resulting sparks ignited the roof of the church, causing a destructive fire at the uninsured building. The membership was totally diligent in their pursuit to build a replacement and the hard work of fund raising and the collecting of donations towards that end got underway. Meanwhile, the congregation met at the old Masonic Hall at what is now "B" and Locust Streets. This temporary location continued and included the setting of a "lumber table" during each service until 1937. Some of the young men of the congregation were charged with the responsibility of setting up the furnishing for the services and, in later years, for the hauling of a piano to the Hall.

In April, 1935, there were fifty five members on the roll and the dues were twenty five cents twice per month. The salary for the pastor (Reverend Ike Roberts) was ten dollars per Sunday (second and forth Sundays). In later years as the congregation grew, services were held every Sunday.

Down through the years parishioners transferred their membership from Greenhill to Springhill and vice versa. Mr. Jasper Holes and Robert Trice, the deacons of Greenhill Baptist Church, visited and sang in the Springhill choir on each second and fourth Sunday. Mr. Clarence Petrie unified with Springhill in 1937 along with his wife Carrie. He became a sustaining member of the congregation and became a deacon in 1945. While continuing to work unfalteringly for the advancement of the church, Brother Petrie remained a leader among the congregation. The membership, under the pastorate of Reverend Ike Roberts, moved toward the congregation of their second building. It was a proud time for the hard working congregation. The cooperating white residents noted that the old site had been surrounded by the white community, thus separating it from the constituent membership. To facilitative easy access and a more comfortable location, the Springhill congregation bought land on the west side of Trice's Landing Pike (now called Oak Street).

It was in July, 1937 when trustee Jasper and Robert Hogan (Ogan), Jesse Steggars (Stigger), Will Allen and Harvey Moore purchased the Trice's Landing parcel from Hardy and Mollie Adkins for an undisclosed amount. The old deed indicates a property transfer for fifty cents. Further noting that the rear of the property where the old church had deed located was surrounded by the white community and that the real ownership of the land was somewhat muddled, attempts were undertaken to clarify the matter. During the 1934-1937 intermin, white residents obviously claimed the land on which the old Second Baptist Church had stood. The original land plot was bought from a Mr. Donald for one hundred and thirty dollars in 1937 and a property transfer was arranged by/with Mrs. W. Halton Jones, wherein the Joneses purchased the old spring land site for two hundred dollars and agreed to move the property pillars to the church's newly purchased property up the road (Trice's Landing Pike/ Oak Street).

With the land transfers consummated and the property pillars relocated to the new lot up the road, Springhill congregation continued their hard work and fund raising. Each church service saw a recording of donations ranging from five cents to fifty cents. A special for the coal fund (during the winter months), and the lumber table. Primary among the fund-raising were the Petries: Mrs. Berthenia Ewing Levelle: Mrs. Annie Anderson: Mrs. Mammie Ogbourn: The Ogans: The Moores: The Stiggers: Mrs. Hene Washington: Mrs. Nannie Bell Rogers and others. There were quilt raffles, ice cream suppers, moonlights (night social gatherings) Saturday night singing programs, barbecues, and begging cards.

Finally ready for the new (relocation) building construction, the cornerstone of the new building was laid by Mr. Boss Trice, in September 1939. The congregation during this period, kept busy ever pushing and improving. Many improvements were made after the completion of the new building: a cistern was dug for the supply of water (1941), bathrooms were built (1945), a bell was purchased (1948), a piano was purchased (1959), and many other furnishing was added. Springhill’s congregation kept busy: ever building and improving.

In February, 1975, land was purchased from Mr. Louis Power and Mrs. Mabel Power Cook, to build a new church at 221 Oak Street. Ground breaking for the present edifice was held in May 1976. Those present at the ground breaking included: Bro. Ephraim and Sis. Annie B. Moore, Bro. Jimmy L. and Sister Mildred Moore, Bro. Frank Thomas, Br. Havanna Killebrew, Sis. Flossie O Trice, Bro. Booker T. Vaughn, Sis. Birdie Petric, Bro. Ira Buck, Sis. Delonia R. Edwards, Sis. Azalia Gray, Sis. Roxie Ann Gray, and Rev. Euless Pettus. The first service was held in the new building on the first Sunday in November, 1976. The congregation marched and sang from the 230 Oak Street building to the new 221 Oak Street building. The building dedication service were held in June 1983 with Rev. James M. brown and congregation of the Grace Memorial Baptist Church of Indianapolis Indiana as guest. All deacons who were serving at the time of the new building dedication are now deceased, with the exception of Deacon Billy Thomas Anderson. The former building at 230 Oak Street was sold to the Evangelic Temple Church of God in Christ congregation on September 16, 1981.

The exiting membership of Springhill Includes " old timers," long time community residents, military personnel and dependents, Austin Peay State University students, military retirees and others from various sections of the area.


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